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We develop the tools everyone else uses. Our products are used by firms, governments, and organizations in over sixty countries to assess solar glare and improve PV siting.


Looking for solar glare analysis tools? Check out for the industry-standard in glare analysis and PV optimization.

ForgeSolar glare analysis algorithms are based on the Solar Glare Hazard Analysis Tool developed by Sandia National Laboratories and co-invented by Cianan Sims, partner of Sims Industries.

Solar simulation and visualization

In addition to ForgeSolar, we've developed many visualization and assessment tools for irradiance and glare simulation, including:

  • the Tower Illuminance Model for concentrating solar power (CSP) field simulation
  • Glare and site assessment tools for U.S. military
  • the Solar Glare Hazard Analysis Tool which revolutionized glare analysis and won a 2013 R & D 100 award

solar viz

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